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Identity of a Stutter

von Moussa Mane

2021 is the Right time to speak up for Stutter People. The communication issues between Stutter and Non-Stutter have to be solved or at least facilitate the interaction .
Spot Tina | Unlock us | Identity of a Stutter | Abschlussprojekt // Moussa Mane

My Project, like no one else, will bring much more brightness related to this controversy, with a specific goal, give Stutter people the chance to be able to set free the genius in them.

Spot Samir | Unlock us | Identity of a Stutter | Abschlussprojekt // Moussa Mane


Social Media Campaign


The Faces of a Stutter

About Moussa

I’m a 27 year old French, born in Hamburg (Germany) but grew up in Senegal.

I had a decent childhood in Dakar (Senegal) with great experiences. But unfortunately, at the Age of 4, I started to struggle with Words, Diagnose…


My Breath, the way I speak, my personality, has completely changed.

I came back to Hamburg in 2014 and started to study at design factory international in 2016. Until I understood that I was in the right place to solve my Problem and millions others.

my Regards 

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