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von Rick Steffen

I wanted to explore what space means to my paintings and how I could incorporate it into my work. The works of Mark Rothko in the Rothko Chapel and Claude Monet´s Water Lilies in the Orangerie Paris, which are adapted to the room in which they are presented in, inspired me, to twist this concept around and make the actual painting a space to experience.

The Installation

Timeless | Installation | Abschlussarbeit // Rick Steffen

Another inspiration was  a physical concept of time, whose form depicts the form of the installation. I  wanted to evoke a  feeling of being trapped or locked. This happened out of personal  reasons only, but at the same time turned out quite fitting to the situation many people are in right now. I always felt that its quite difficult to put complex emotions and feelings into words or explain them. Thats why I paint them.Thats why I made this installation.


About Rick

I´m 23 years old, born in Hamburg, growing up in the suburbs, but spending most of my youth in #Hamburg.

I had no idea what to do with my life until I started studying graphic design at the Design Factory in 2016. After some time, I figured out, that I don’t want to be a designer. I only want to paint. Due to a very wide range of courses, I was able to arrange

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